On behalf of the Organizing Committee and International Advisory Board, we would like to welcome you to participate the Supergreen 2017, the 10th International Conference on Supercritical Fluids.

The Supergreen conference was firstly organized in 2001 at the University of Idaho, USA by Professor C. M. Wai and other scientits. The following series of conference was held in Suwon (2002), Nagoya (2003), Tianjin (2004), Taipei (2005), Seoul (2007), Sendai (2009), Beijing (2011), Kaohsiung (2013), and Seoul (2015). 

The Supergreen 2017 covers all aspects of supercritical fluids and aims to stimulate interaction and exchange of ideas between experts in the fields of supercritical fluids across the world.

We appreciate your participation and contribution in this conference. We hope you enjoy the scientific presentations and discussions, and have a pleasant stay in Nagoya city.


Supergreen 2017 is organized by

  • Asian Association of Supercritical Fluids
  • Division of Supercritical Fluids,The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
  • Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University


The topics include, but not limited to

  • Physicochemical properties
  • Separation, extraction and impregnation
  • Decomposition and conversion
  • Material synthesis
  • Advanced measurements
  • Computational simulation
  • Process design and economics
  • Biomass and energy-related materials
  • Composites and hybrid materials
  • Nanomaterials and nanofluids
  • Pharmaceutical and biomedical applications
  • Novel processes
  • Industrial applications

Organizing committee

  • Conference Chairs
    • Prof. Motonobu Goto, Nagoya Univ, Japan
    • Prof. Tadafumi Adschiri, Tohoku Univ., Japan

    • Prof. Yan-Ping Chen, National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan

    • Prof. Buxing Han, Chinese Academy of Science., China

    • Prof. Youn-Woo Lee, Seoul National Univ., Korea

  • Secretary
    • Prof. Seiichi Takami, Nagoya Univ., Japan

  • Local organizing committee
    • Prof. Koyo Norinaga, Nagoya Univ., Japan
    • Assoc. Prof. Rumiko Hayashi, Nagoya Univ., Japan

    • Assoc. Prof. Kayo Sawada, Nagoya Univ., Japan

    • Dr. Tatsuya Fujii, AIST, Japan

    • Assist. Prof. Hideki Kanda, Nagoya Univ., Japan

    • Assist. Prof. Hiroshi Machida, Nagoya Univ., Japan

    • Dr. Wahyudiono, Nagoya Univ., Japan